About Sticky Lips


One is passionate about agriculture, the other is passionate about marketing.

About Belle: Belle is a recent graduate of Colorado State University where she obtained her degree in agricultural literacy and certification in meat sciences. Growing up in Chicago, Belle has always been passionate about food and aspires to work to provide transparent information about where it comes from. She firmly believes everyone deserves to know about their food and is excited to team with Alex to bring you the truth that sticks with you!

About Alex: Alex is a co-owner and project manager for a digital marketing company in Old Town, Fort Collins, where she has gained the understanding of brands and positioning. This extensive knowledge paired with being a mother has challenged her to put her her skills to the test to put the healthiest meals on the table for her family. With marketing being everywhere, she comes to the podcast to help Belle debunk many myths around food, or to find the reasoning around why food is such a controversial topic in today’s world.

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